Solid Timber Table Tops

Warranty Information

Evostyle will guarantee to repair or replace any part of the product with a manufacturing or structural defect for a period of one year from the date of purchase.


This warranty applies only to the original purchase. An application for warranty on a product must be made in writing within the warranty period, within 14 days of the defect occurring. The claim must be accompanied by a proof of purchase, and with a detailed description (and photographs) of the claimed fault. 

Defective materials and / or faulty workmanship of the products supplied by Evostyle will be replaced without cost to the client within the warranty period. Evostyle will not accept liability for any consequential costs associated with the repair of defects and the limit of liability shall be the original cost of the general and specialist joinery.

This warranty covers defects caused by faulty workmanship, but not against natural movement of solid timbers or other effects beyond our control. 

This warranty does not cover: 

           1. Normal wear and tear 

           2. Damage arising from abnormal use, abuse or vandalism 

           3. Accidental damage 

           4. Damage caused by acts of nature 

           5. Scratching and /or chipping of paint finishes and/or coatings

           6. Scratching and / or chipping of timber 

           7. Products that have not been maintained as recommended by Evostyle 

           8. Products that have been modified, customized or altered in any way after delivery 

           9. Any components not manufactured by Evostyle 

          10. Transport charges to return the product to and from Evostyle for repair or replacement 

          11. Any mechanical damage or damage caused by neglect, thermal shock or other caused outside 

                the documented capability of the product.

          12. Failures or defects caused by the nature of constructions, faults in the structure, fire, floods or 

                other occurrences outside the control of Evostyle.

"Nothing is less ecological than a poorly made product with a short shelf life"
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