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Evostyle in collaboration with Axolotl are excited to announce the launch of Anomaly – a brand representing innovative Australian design, and showcasing a range of furniture products, homewares and lighting from some of the best contemporary Australian designers.  Anomaly really is what its name suggests - a deviation from the norm, as it fills a niche market with its cutting edge manufacturing techniques never before seen in Australia or internationally.

Evostyle’s knowledge and expertise in fine furniture and product manufacturing together with Axolotl’s skills and forward thinking in concrete, metal and glass, opens up exciting new opportunities for designers to explore innovative manufacturing techniques and a broad palette of new materials and finishes.  To launch the Anomaly brand, we have hand selected a range of designers from a wide spectrum of design fields – interior, industrial and architectural, to design a range of furniture, homewares and lighting that has utilised the unique abilities and point of difference that both Evostyle and Axolotl bring to the table.

All ranges under the Anomaly brand harnesses the skills of Australian designers who are at the forefront of both local and international design, and is produced by both Evostyle and Axolotl – both of which are Australian owned and operated.

Anomaly is eager to challenge the status quo by offering customisable combinations of metal, concrete, glass and timber surfaces, and pushes the boundaries of Australian manufacturing by combining traditional materials and high quality craftsmanship with exciting new finishes never seen on products before.

Anomaly represents an evolution in Australian furniture design. Thanks to the close collaboration with Australia's top designers, inspired with a palette of new technologies, our aim is to create uniquely designed furniture which expresses style and functionality that also has a strong focus on utilising sustainable resources.

Anomaly is committed to create high quality, exclusive products for the hospitality, commercial and residential markets and to offer a new vision in furniture that will captivate audiences and complement the very best living and working environments.

Click here to go to the Anomaly Website.

"Nothing is less ecological than a poorly made product with a short shelf life"
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