Solid Timber Table Tops

Evostyle Seating Ranges

At Evostyle, we have designed our own range of seating styles, as well as manufacturing all types of quality custom made products for architects, designers and corporations. We have had significant experience in producing lounge and sofas, chairs, stools and drums. 

As a local Australian manufacturer with over three generations experience in solid timber construction, we cannot be compared with cheap imports. If your seats, stools, lounges etc. are in high use areas, then consider getting a product manufactured from Evostyle that is built to last. We can offer a complete service from Design, prototype development through to manufacture of one-off designer pieces, as well as high volumes. We use a variety of materials in our production from timber to stainless steel to upholstery.

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"Nothing is less ecological than a poorly made product with a short shelf life"
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