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Home Ideas Vol. 7 No. 2:

Australian Furniture Designers

Evostyle was featured in a double spread featuring Australian Furniture Designers.


Evostyle Profiled on Indesign Live

Evostyle were recently featured in a profile on View the full article and a Q&A with our very own Luke and Louise Ommundson. Read more »

FB Furniture and Bedding Magazine: Sept / Oct 2011

Supporting the Environment

Read about how Evostyle supports the environment in an article in FB magazine.


Real Living

On the side

Evostyle was included in July 2011 edition of Real Living magazine with their Revo Cocktail Table.


Hotel, Hospitality + Design Expo

Evostyle was officially launched at the Hotel, Hospitality and Design Expo in March 2011. Showcasing original designs from the Evostyle range, the designer furniture on display was extremely well received by all who visited the stand. The aim of the display was to feature some of their more popular Floor Lamps, Bar Tables, Mirrors, Screens, Ottomans and stools from the current Evostyle Range. Strikingly different in both design and quality, the stand attracted the attention of trade show visitors, other stand holders and even magazine editors who were interested in featuring Evostyle in up and coming publications.

The most encouraging aspect of the expo, was not only how many people were enthusiastic about Evostyle’s quality and craftsmanship, but the fact that all products were Australian Made. Evostyle’s commitment to the environment, was also well received, with the fact that Evostyle uses Australian Timbers where practicable, and manufacturers locally, elevating transport costs and energy consumption.


Olympic Torches by Express Woodturning

A passion for woodturning has led to worldwide recognition for the Ommundson family of Express Woodturning. Luke Ommundson, Owner and Director of Express Woodturning spoke to us about the company’s beginnings, growth and future.

Express Woodturning was started over 23 years ago, by Vic Ommundson, a wood turner by trade. As with any new business, Vic was limited in both space and budget. In fact the first workshop was the garage next to the family home.

As the business has grown, so too has the level of machinery sophistication. “My father started the business with a hand lathe, a docking saw and a band saw” commented Luke. “One of the company’s first major investment in those early days was a machinery purchase from Barry Gabbett of Gabbett Group. Most of the machines we purchased, Barry had earmarked for the scrap metal yard” Luke joked.

Today, Express Woodturning’s workshop in Western Sydney features high production CNC routers and CNC lathes featuring CAD design systems. The change in machinery has reflected the change in customer’s expectations. The advent of CNC control has allowed Express Woodturning to cater to small production runs, and even one off jobs.

To achieve this Express use a combination of software programmes, Xilog3 from SCM runs the Record router, while the 3d CAD software runs the CNC lathes. “The CAD software allows us to show our clients an accurate image of the final product before it is made, so we can refine the design on computer, before we go into production” said Luke.

"Nothing is less ecological than a poorly made product with a short shelf life"
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