About Us
We are masters of consistently exquisite, hand-crafted joinery and solid timber products. We achieve the level of finish demanded by the finest architects and designers - the same standard we’ve been setting ourselves for over thirty years.
Redefining possibility
since 1988
People often ask what the ‘evo’ in Evostyle means. Truth be told, it’s a homage to our father’s initials, Victor Ommundson, who started the business in the early '80s.

Back then he was making components for large furniture manufacturers, however, his son Luke spotted the need for a higher level of joinery craft - one that worked hand in hand with architects and designers, elevating the skills of woodworking to a premium level. Not so that we could become cabinetmakers or suppliers to society’s elite, but so that the attention to detail, pursuit of perfection and the superior expectations of our country’s finest designers and specifiers could be consistently met.

It’s those expectations that we continue to exceed, over 30 years later. And that brings us neatly around to the other answer to the ‘evo’ question. It also stands for ‘evolution’ and sums up our continual journey to find more creative ways to fulfil the demands of our clients and their customers. Staying ahead by thinking ahead and by constantly redefining what’s possible.
Louise Ommundson
“Our vision is to partner with leading companies and professionals who value the expertise and ability of our team to co-create products that continuously exceed customers' expectations.”
Our Principles
At the heart of Evostyle are three core principles that together make us strong, unique and forever moving forward.

We are focused on our heritage. Resurfacing overlooked and even forgotten ideas, translating what has been seen as the everyday or ordinary details into a brand for a new generation that leans proudly on its past.

We believe in the power of progress. This means realising and harnessing the latest technologies and techniques at every opportunity.
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Our People
Louise Ommundson
Louise is the co-director of Evostyle and manages the business side of things as well as heading up the pre-production team. She has a passion for the rich beauty of solid timber and is on a mission to educate others on timber sustainability and ethical design. After graduating from UNSW with a bachelor’s in architecture in 1993, Louise worked with several multi-disciplinary firms, specialising in commercial, residential and landscape architecture. In 1998 she registered as an Architect and started her own practice before founding Evostyle with her husband Luke in 2010. Louise is a nature lover and her weekends are often spent bushwalking in the National Park adjoining her home.
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Our People
Luke Ommundson
Director & CNC Manager
Joint-founder Luke Ommundson is a solid timber expert. He has been working with wood for nearly 40 years and is Evostyle’s CNC programmer and project consultant. He has a vast knowledge of timber species, jointing methods, 5-axis CNC programming and the commercial viability of production manufacturing for particular products. With the vision to head up Australia’s most reliable, technologically advanced solid timber manufacturing workshop, he hopes to leave a legacy of highly trained Australian craftsmen as passionate about the craft as he is. When he is not at the workshop, Luke can be found tending to his bees, goats and sheep on his 5-acre property.
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Our People
Ben Cooper
With a passion for furniture design and an eye for detail, Ben's purpose has led him to develop his craft professionally for more than a decade. Working in the fields of antique restoration, high-end joinery, bespoke timber furniture and furniture design, as well as being a cabinetmaker tradesman, Ben also has a Diploma in Furniture Design. Combining his comprehensive knowledge and skill of furniture production with his deep-thinking approach to design, Ben create work that is both elegant and mindfully intelligent. When Ben is not thinking about furniture, he is often enjoying quality time exploring the great outdoors and taking in the beauty of the natural world with his wife and two kids.
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Our People
Laurie Seguna
Laurie is a qualified French Polisher with nearly 30 years of experience and a passionate personality. Applying his stringent expectations to those around him at work and home, Laurie has had various roles over his 20+ years at Evostyle - polisher, cabinetmaker, foreman and now Production Manager. Laurie has an incredible eye for detail, helping him train others to maintain the high quality that Evostyle is renowned for. Away from Evostyle, Laurie has a self-confessed addiction to show cars, winning many awards with his lovingly restored Gemini. Laurie believes there is nothing better than hitting the open road in his ’64 Falcon with his wife and three girls.
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Our People
Ben Griffiths
Head Cabinet Maker
Ben has been with Evostyle for well over a decade, working his way up from apprentice to head cabinetmaker. His technical skills are deep and extensive, and he likes nothing better than solving problems and making complex products. He is passionate about working with wood and has an exceptional eye for detail that ensures all products meet stringent QA checks. Ben enjoys a quiet, rural life with his wife and young family.
Sustainably working for Australia
Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Evostyle, and we don't just talk about what we are doing.

Our Environmental Management System is Globally Certified to ISO 14001:2015.

We use timber certified as sustainable and refuse to manufacture with rainforest species or those under threat of extinction, like Merbau.

We minimise waste when preparing timber stock and use off-cuts in smaller products whenever possible.

We give unused off-cuts to schools and community organisations, bag smaller off-cuts for firewood, and donate sawdust to local chicken farms for bedding.

And we're only getting started.

We routinely and actively review our systems of manufacture, always to the benefit of our environment.