Evove redefines space with an elegant, inspirational system of wall-mounted, modular sculptures. Created using sustainably sourced timber, it's a step beyond cladding or lining, turning every blank wall into an art installation opportunity, while also promoting the principles of biophilic design. Bridging the worlds of sculpture and interior design, we call it Artexture
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Benchtops / Table Tops
We have a long history of manufacturing custom benchtops and table tops from solid, sustainable timber. Working with some of the country’s top joinery firms, we produce expansive surfaces that are immaculately finished and created to cope with our country’s distinctive environmental conditions.
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Osmo is an oil and wax finishing system that protects wood from the inside without forming a skin. It creates a protective, microporous wood surface that's suitable for the demands of commercial applications.
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Redefining tradition
since 1988

Our history goes way back, long before our company began. That’s because we value traditional craft and old-fashioned attention to detail. Holding true to these values today is what drives us ahead. And keeps us there.

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