Evove is what's possible when organic shape, impeccable craft and boundless imagination come together. To ensure this is always the case, we've partnered with some of Australia's finest creative minds to create our intriguing, flowing shapes.
Evove is founded on the pride, integrity and craftsmanship of two generations of Australian master joiners. What started as a father and son's quest to create products that reflected their personal values, has now grown into a much bigger business - one that has gained a reputation for being a pioneer and advocate of modern timber design using certified sustainable species.

Easy to install, durable and versatile, our Evove surface panels have been designed and produced with specifiers in mind. Each project uses a machine cut backing board to act as the canvas. Individual panels are simple to install on and off the wall with our unique clip-panel system. It allows the space to have flexibility and new patterns can easily be created, establishing a completely new look.
Claire Bennett
ORIGINAL Tasmanian Timber
“For the ORIGINAL Tasmanian Timber display, we wanted to show that timber can be used in unexpected and innovative ways to make bespoke architectural components. Evove is the perfect example of that. Beautiful, sculptural and tactile, it gave the display incredible impact – and the trophy for best display at Equinox.”
<?php echo Tendrel by Ben Cooper; ?>
Tendrel by Ben Cooper
Ben Cooper is a designer-maker who has honed his craft for over a decade working in bespoke timber furniture design. In his design practice, Ben pairs his comprehensive knowledge of furniture production with his deep-thinking approach to object meaning.
<?php echo Rise by Adam Goodrum; ?>
Rise by Adam Goodrum
Adam Goodrum is one of Australia’s preeminent industrial designers. Raised in Perth and a graduate of the University of Technology Sydney, Adam is at the forefront of a new generation of designers forging an identifiable Australian aesthetic. Inventive, performance-oriented and inherently elegant, his designs celebrate process and craftsmanship; accentuating joinery and a distinct product personality. 
<?php echo Liminal by Jon Goulder; ?>
Liminal by Jon Goulder
Throughout his career, Jon Goulder has amassed a deep understanding of materials and processes, establishing himself as one of Australia’s leading designer-makers. As both a trained designer and a fourth-generation maker, Jon is uniquely equipped to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing. With a timeless maturity, his designs are grounded by his considered approach to materiality and form.
<?php echo Pipi by Caroline Casey; ?>
Pipi by Caroline Casey
Caroline Casey is a multi-talented Australian designer whose work spans architecture, fashion and furniture. Drawn to the forms and structures found in the natural environment, Caroline’s designs create visual narratives that express harmony, rhythm, and repetition. In creating these stories, she aims to explore the intrinsic relationship between furniture and the space it inhabits; transforming products into an extension of the architecture itself.
<?php echo Elv by Tom Skeehan; ?>
Elv by Tom Skeehan
Tom Skeehan is a designer whose philosophy is simple; design should be purposeful, honest and material driven. With a body of work that has been awarded and exhibited internationally, Tom creates considered and intelligent solutions that are designed for the everyday.
<?php echo Deco by Adam Goodrum; ?>
Deco by Adam Goodrum
Adam Goodrum has worked with international prestige brands including Alessi, Poltrona Frau, Normann Copenhagen and Veuve Clicquot as well as local design powerhouses Cult, Tait and Broached Commissions. Adam's work has been showcased throughout the world and is collected by museums, including the National Gallery of Victoria, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Bagatti Valsecchi Museum Italy, the London Design Museum and the Design Museum Gent.
<?php echo Canyon by Patryk Koca; ?>
Canyon by Patryk Koca
Patryk Koca is a Sydney based product designer with a passion for pragmatic functionality and poetic beauty. Within his practice, Patryk engages with a variety of activities including design consulting, lecturing and product development. A robust understanding of materials, processes and the technical aspects of design has led him to collaboratively develop new products for a number of high-end Australian and international furniture and interior brands.
<?php echo Swell by Louise Ommundson; ?>
Swell by Louise Ommundson
Louise is the co-director of Evostyle and leads the business in producing solid timber prototyping, furniture and architectural products. Louise has a passion for the rich beauty of solid timber and her designs often let the timber speak for itself. She is passionate about educating others on timber sustainability and ethical design.